Aluminum is an everyday material that comes into contact with people and significantly helps multiple industries every day. In the material sphere, we should continue to use and recycle aluminum because its reusability is second to none. Aluminum great product for many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial, to help the planet and many… Continue reading Al

Impact of Aluminum

Aluminum is a widely used material that contacts humans on a daily basis in the form of many different products and industries. Huge industries for aluminum are the automotive industry, can industry, and construction industry; aluminum is lighter and denser than steel allowing for lighter cars with more protection. The introduction of aluminum into the… Continue reading Impact of Aluminum

Aluminum Material Flow

Aluminum is used globally; currently one of the world’s most widely used materials. There was around four million tons of aluminum produced in 2012, around 1.9 million tons for containers and packaging and 1.7 million tons for appliances and vehicles. Aluminum is produced for all types of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial. Its… Continue reading Aluminum Material Flow


The aluminum industry contributes $186 billion to the US economy and is one of only a few materials that impact the lives of every person in the country, also supporting over 700,000 American jobs. Aluminum is the ideal material to help with the needs and challenges faced by the changing dynamics of the 21st century… Continue reading Aluminum